Doubling up the splats in Splat Zones (8-4, Tri-slosher)

25th July 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't rush to the Splat Zones. Our own doesn't get contested quickly on Moray Towers, which lets me ink a fuller path and build more of a Bubbler charge as I move. The Splat Zone is captured easily enough, and with no approaching threat I drop down. A green inkling is making a move to flank, so I cut back and put a stop to that nonsense.

Whilst I'm there, I move across the gap and to the green Splat Zone, which seems unattended. That's good, and I neutralise their Splat Zone as they neutralise ours with an Inkstrike. I finish the job, giving us a slight advantage, helped by my squidmates recapturing our Splat Zone and starting our counter. Nice!

I move up and around, keeping the Splat Zone inked and watching my back. An inkling approaches, and I approach with caution. Not quite enough caution, perhaps, but I slow her down pretty effectively. I ink an alternative path on my way back, and find a nice pair of targets when I hit the bottom. Splatting them lets me get back to the green Splat Zone, and although I squid underneath a Dynamo Roller, I don't squid quite far enough.

My bucket's ink doesn't reach where I want it to from the ledge, so drop down, being cautious whilst Echolocated. Some green ink comes from above and behind, forcing me to move away. I look for the source, and she falls past me. Sorted. I turn and actually splat an inkling, before finding myself too close to the Dynamo Roller again.

I miss the Dual Squelcher's return, but thankfully she doesn't want to catch me behind her just there. Instead, she races back up the ramps, looking to get in to a better position, which she does. I just about sneak close enough for my sloshes to count, though, stopping her properly this time. A drop down and squidding back around to a Splash Wall finds the pair from earlier, and splats them both again. I get a bit inky myself.

I move across to the green Splat Zone, still nice and purple, and give a victory 'Nice!', which, as usual, is a bit premature. Our counter stops at one, of all numbers, partly because the Dynamo Roller is flicking ink everywhere from above, partly because the Dual Squelcher splats me and I help to turn the Splat Zone green. Oops.

I move back quickly, looking towards the green Splat Zone, but turning towards ours. It's more important to keep our Splat Zone purple, prevent the green team capturing both zones and burdening us with a big buffer to work through. I work as a diversion from the green inklings there, and to slosh ink around, and my squidmates recapture the green Splat Zone. The battle is won, woomy!

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