Up and down the Moray Towers Splat Zones (7-4, Tri-slosher)

25th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Sloshing over the Splat Zones seems like the best use of my bucket on Moray Towers, so I tend to take a defensive route to start these battles. That goes well, so I try to get sneaky around the side of the other team. I get around the side, destroy a Beakon, and splat the E-litre 3K nicely, but don't activate my Bubbler in time to avoid some ink from behind.

I take the scenic route again. Our Splat Zone is fine, so I move on. I take the direct route to the teal Splat Zone this time. That works out nicely, as the E-litre 3K has moved down there, and isn't quite prepared for a bucket getting so close. I move away from some ink hitting my flank, and an Echolocator shows that we are converging anyway at the bottom of the rank. I show my amazing reflexes by popping my Bubbler a second after splatting the inkling.

I go back and finish the job of capturing the teal Splat Zone, starting our counter ticking over. Our Splat Zone becomes contested, but it's probably best if I help ensure the teal Splat Zone stays non-teal for now. I consider my options for moving up, fail to ink one wall, and decide to move away from there before I am spotted. A second attempt at a second wall goes better for inking, worse for being spotted.

The teal team have moved high up our side of the Towers. I cover the tracks, preventing easy flanking, but doing so lets them capture the Splat Zones. So be it, we have plenty of time, and with my back covered by purple ink I feel safer in sloshing over the ledge on to our Splat Zone again. We manage to recover the situation after only just losing the lead, which we can deal with.

Indeed, it's not long before my squidmates capture the teal Splat Zone again, after I look for a sneakier, riskier, and probably pointless wall to ink across a gap, and the lead is ours again. Our Splat Zone is contested soon after, which I move back to help with, before heading back the other way as the teal Splat Zone is teal again. There's lots of moving, but the flow of ink seems to be mostly under control.

With the teal team pushed back, I head up the wall again. I pause only because I'm surprised that the wall is fully inked, a squidmate having had better luck getting up here than I did earlier. Good job! I make it to the top, splat an unfortunate super-jumper, then get a bit too intimate with an Inkbrush. But still our counter ticks downwards.

When an Echolocator hits, I retreat to a defensive position, turning a teal wall purple as I go. That helps keep our Splat Zone purple, even if the teal Splat Zone becomes contested, and even though I'm splatted away as the battle ends, it's too late to capture the Splat Zones to force the battle in to extra time. Woomy!

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