Coming from behind in Splat Zones (6-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

29th July 2017 – 7.00 am

Point Sensors are flying everywhere at the start of the battle! That's not good for me as a Carbon Roller, but neither is trying to compete against the range of, well, most other weapons. I don't last long. The yellow team dominate the Splat Zones. I decide to go the long way around.

All the way around. It's a situational move, naturally, and as there is no yellow ink at the side, and none up the side corridor, this seems like a pretty safe route to take. No yellow inklings are respawning either, so I can turn my back on their base safely.

As luck would have it, my Seeker Rush charges as I round the corner. These I send towards the Splat Zones, two of them finding unaware inklings, the others searching for others and inking the Splat Zones. I get a third splat with a decent couple of flicks against an inkling trying to come behind me, which I'm wise to.

The fourth splat happens because of a handy Point Sensor, and I run in to the inkling as I return to help with the Splat Zones, which are now a deep shade of blue. That's the yellow team taken care of, now to stick around and keep the turf blue.

I press high again when the corridor has barely been re-inked, and although I don't stop the Inkzooka I catch him with a second flick. That puts me nearly a wobbling Bubbler, helping splat the inkling inside when it dissipates. I try to flick ink over the Splatterscope on the crate, but she backs off and rolls a Splat Bomb down that I am too clumsy to avoid.

The Splat Zones are neutralised for a few seconds, but turned blue again without much fuss, and they stay that way for the short time left for us to get the knockout victory. Woomy!

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