Cruising to the goal in Tower Control (3-1, Tri-slosher)

1st August 2017 – 7.00 am

The Carbon Roller plays me like a fiddle, hiding behind the wall until I pulled back enough to be less of a threat. Boom, splatted. An early three-on-one advantage does nothing for the purple team, though, as they don't touch the Tower. Oops.

I head around the side, hoping to give the purple team a dose of their Carbon Roller's medicine, and accidentally splat their Tri-slosher along the way. The purple team finally get on the Tower, just as I squid up the wall, but it's too late. My squidmates wrest control of it immediately, and starting pushing it in the right direction.

I slosh from above to provide some indirect support, until it becomes clear that the purple team really have been thoroughly pushed back. I dive down in to clear ink, lobbing an opportunistic Disruptor, and head around the side to try to surprise some inklings.

Yep, they were surprised. The Tower keeps trundling forwards, and I still have my Bubbler. That'll do. The only impediment is the minor astonishment that one side of the Tower remains uninked this close to the goal. Otherwise, with Bubbler active and shared, I just enjoy the rest of the ride.

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