Splatting all over the Splat Zones (15-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th August 2017 – 7.00 am

That Tri-slosher takes a few hits to splat. but I get him in the end, and avoid some purple threat from behind. The Splat Zones are ours, an Inkstrike helping, and a pause before heading up the wall helps me stay unsplatted for a bit longer. Sticking to the wall would be a better ploy if I could hold my position, and if I weren't Echolocated. I would say it still works out, but, let's be honest, I get lucky.

I super-jump back to the action, and slink around the back, but no one's on the perch. I am, now, and an inkling below me is trying to get me off. Diving in to the purple is a bold move, but I get lucky again and my Carbon Roller finds an inkling that appears from nowhere. I head back to the comfort of the green Splat Zones, and loiter, enjoying their greenness.

Our counter is stopped, so I head around the side to look for the culprits, but maybe I should have been more direct. The Splat Zones turn purple, giving us a big buffer, when we were so close to the goal. So it goes. I turn back and, as my Seeker Rush charges, send Seeker after Seeker over the ledge. They don't catch the Tri-slosher coming up, but a reaction flick does.

It looks like I head up the other side of the Splat Zone just in time, as a squidmate becomes a purple splodge moments later. Not that I notice at the time, apparently, and it only delays my inevitable splatting too. I need to pay more attention sometimes. I get my revenge pretty quickly, with a opportunistic Seeker, and wonderfully time an incoming super-jumper for a bonus splat, before destroying the Beakons the Splat Roller left in her wake.

I just about manage to avoid the Splat Roller's quick return, and make one of my flicks count, as a squidmate above and behind me protects me from another inkling. They may claim they were saving the Splat Zones, but that would be simply to avoid an embarrassing display of gratitude on my part. I hop up the other side and find another Beakon, explaining the quire reappearance of the Splat Roller, and destroy that too. As I turn to ink some turf, a familiar sound of a landing inkling is heard. I finish what I started before pushing on to ink the turf.

I turn my back and our Hydra Splatling is splatted. I hope that wasn't my fault. I start a Seeker Rush that catches the perp, and inks a bit more, but the Suction Bomb Rush kinda overwhelms my Seekers. Worse still, as I move to flank the purple team they capture the Splat Zones, burdening our remaining two points with a fifty-five point buffer. I should have flicked more ink.

My flanking finds no one on the perch, but an inkling beneath me becomes a target, so it's not an entirely wasted trip. Squidding up the wall with continuous purple ink flying over it goes much the same way. I get a splat, but don't hang around to gloat about it. Another Suction Bomb Rush comes flying in stop our counter again, leading to some more antics around the Splat Zones, where one inkling gets away but others do not.

I get away too, but remember that the Splat Zones are there to be captured and return. I show that I still can't stick to walls, before sending a Seeker Rush out to do its job, which it does quite well. And, with ten seconds to go, I think we've got this battle sorted. Despite a last-ditch effort by the purple team, we do. Woomy!

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