By the skin of my beak in Splat Zones (16-10, Tri-slosher)

5th August 2017 – 7.00 am

It's a bold move to go right around the back at the start of the battle, particularly as there isn't a charger to find on the usual perch. Naturally, the green team grab the unusually unguarded Splat Zones, and I hope to make up for my move with a few splats. I get them, and look for the fourth inkling, finding him waiting for my Bubbler to run out with really good timing.

At least with the green team out of the way we should be able to secure the Splat Zones. But we don't. I head back to see that the green team have regrouped very well, sitting atop the central column, and it is only by some good luck that I am able to splat one of them to get close. Another bit of luck lets my Bubbler pop as the Carbon Roller surprises me again, and my luck holds as I am chased around the corner.

Good positioning gets me the next splat. And, finally, the Splat Zones turn blue. Long may it last, but let me just get out of the way of this Inkstrike. And the Carbon Roller again, who I somehow outrun and out-manoeuvre, turning the tables. A bit more ink is needed in the Splat Zones, which we supply, as two of us splat a Tri-slosher, and I move around to get another splat on an inkling concentrating more on the Splat Zones.

We take the lead. I can't help but feel I've used up my luck in this battle, although I want to believe I'm on a roll that will continue. Naturally, this is the time the Carbon Roller finds me first. Well, it was quite a streak I was on! I take a long route back, inking another path for us, and again only finding inklings once I get all the way around the Dome and back in to the Splat Zones. It's nice that I find the Carbon Roller, hiding from a Kraken, but I feel a bit sad to splat the Tr-slosher again.

I spy inklings returning, and think my sloshing whilst Bubblered will keep me safe. But there are more inklings than I thought, with ink from all sides, and neither my sloshing nor my Bubbler can hold out. The Carbon Roller gets away from me, and doesn't rush back in to my Bubbler, and running out of ink doesn't do me any favours. The pause to refill means my back is turned to an Inkzooka, and unfavourable position to be in.

The Green team are now in control, and their counter is reaching our score. A blue Inkstrike neutralises the Splat Zones just in time, which is good for the team, but it seems my personal luck has expired. Where I could have got a clean splat on the Tri-slosher, it instead is mutual. That's how it goes, but what's unsettling is to see two more inklings jumping over the wall, spraying ink in to the Splat Zones, with nothing I can do about it.

I take position on the central column, fighting back the green ink, but another splat that I could have made certain of becomes mutual. Then again, I've never got on well against N-ZAPs. At least we have increased our lead, given ourselves a better buffer. And even if I've turned from hunter to hunted, with everyone getting in on the action, we only need to survive a few more seconds before we are declared victors. Or so I think.

The green team capture the Splat Zones just as the battle draws to a close, forcing extra time. And although we have a while to spread enough ink to win the battle in our favour, extra time can add extra pressure to an inkling. Or extra focus to those trying to turn the battle around.

Even when I try to keep my cool and take the long route, rather than rushing in to the Splat Zones to be splatted too soon, the green teams patrols have each other's backs. I get a splat, creating a blue splotch, only to have the Carbon Roller splat me, turning it green again. And, before you know it, our lead, and the battle, is lost. Well played, green team.

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