Kelp splatting in Kelp Dome Splat Zones (5-2, Kelp Splat Charger)

2nd September 2017 – 7.00 pm

A pause for inklings to jump out of the way, and off to the centre of Kelp Dome. A Sprinkler on the top seems like a good idea, but when my shot against the E-litre 3K misses, maybe the Sprinkler on that perch will slow her down a little. Moving that far up gets me in to trouble, and although I manage to get out of the way and splat the inkling above me, I'm still not out of the ink.

The Splat Zones are still neutral, which is unexpected but encouraging. I move around the corner to ink some long lines, and spy the E-litre 3K in a different position. My potshot misses again, and again I'm caught from a vulnerable angle. So it goes. At least my assaulter is turned in to a puddle, and accidentally helps us capture the Splat Zones. Now we're ticking over.

I head down the side and add some purple ink, via a Sprinkler, to the green team's ramp, as an early warning system. Pointing towards the Splat Zones gets another grating splat, and finds the E-litre 3K on the usual perch again, just as my Killer Wail charges. That'll do. The Wail catches the E-litre, and I spot another inkling dipping in to the ink to wait it out, giving me a good second target.

I cover some patches, and head back to the ramp, where an inkling is moving over. To my misfortunate, the inkling has a charged Bubbler ready. But a hasty escape and some nifty manoeuvring lets me get the upper hand, and I not only survive but get the splat. Nice! And all this time our counter has continued.

The missed shot and Echolocator don't seem like much of a worry. I just spread a bit more ink, hold near the back, and celebrate a comfortable victory. I'm nearly out of B+!

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