Rolling back to A- in Splat Zones (7-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

3rd September 2017 – 7.00 am

My proximity to hitting A- again was short-lived. But after a couple of losses, a couple of victories gets me close again. I was going to head off-line, but instead I pull out the Carbon Roller Deco for one last battle this evening, trusting in it to help me back up a rank. It doesn't disappoint.

My first couple of Seekers go poorly, but the third is a peach. I even turn away from the explosion, that's how cool it was. I hold back a bit, sending out another Seeker that really shouldn't have hit its target, but the inkling pops out of the ink at an inopportune moment. I can't say I mind. Moving behind that inkling was almost a mistake, but a squidmate takes the hit for me, and I exact some revenge as consolation.

I wait for the super-jumper too, but get panicked with some blue inky pressure from above. I get the splat and escape, but accidentally activate my Seeker Rush, my Special going completely to waste. I only realise when I think I activate it and try to release more than one Seeker. I don't know at the time why that doesn't work.

I squid around, find opportunity, and retreat when an Echolocator hits me. When it drops, I head up on to the grate, wondering if Seekers would work up there. Maybe, but not without a target, so instead I sneak around the side. My Seeker goes astray, my aim being notoriously bad whatever I'm using, but the flick is nicely timed, if unintentional.

I aim for the charger, but run in to another inkling first, and when I somehow survive that, the charger has already been ousted from the perch. I decide that staying here would be bad for my health, so hop over the perch to patrol. But nothing's happening.

I head around the back again, but before I can do anything, the battle is over. That was quick. And I get a decent score, particularly for a short battle. It almost feels like cheating to use the Carbon Roller Deco in B+, and it's good to be back in A-.

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