Aiming for the objective in Tower Control (2-2, Kelp Splat Charger)

4th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

A good first splat gets my battle underway, although the inkling gets her revenge as soon as possible. She then moves towards our base, looking to cause us some disruption. I suppose it works, at least for me, but unless the green team wrests the Tower from my squidmates, all that green ink won't come to anything.

Hey, there's two of them. Seems a bit of a waste of energy when the Tower is on the other side of the dome, to be honest. To prove that point, I ignore them and head over to support our push. It almost works, but my Killer Wail placing isn't quite as quick as the other Kelp Splatterscope's.

Still, the Tower remains far away from the interlopers. It looks like those inklings either realised the futility of their actions, or believe their work is currently done. Fair enough, and it lets me cover over some of their ink, whilst trying to make sure I'm not about to be ambushed.

From there, I move up to push the Tower again, just about evading a Roller as I do. There are other inklings to avoid too, which I achieve well enough by hopping on and off the Tower, as my squidmates do the splatting. That works for me, as we're all contributing to the battle.

I don't get any more splats, even trundling down the channel, even with a Killer Wail aimed along that channel. But I keep the Tower moving, and my squidmates keep the inklings engaged, all the way to the goal. And this is why you don't ignore the Tower. Woomy!

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