Sloshing the sides in Tower Control (18-5, Tri-slosher)

5th September 2017 – 7.00 am

That E-litre 3K is my first target, so I speed around the side to see if I can catch him. Yep! But the blue inklings have been just as quick at claiming the Tower and pushing it. At least my position gives me an advantage, and that advantage chargers my Bubbler. I splat the blue team one by one and turn the Tower around. The lead isn't so big, and the battle is early.

I hop off to ink and splat ahead, but my next encounter with the Luna Blaster isn't as lucky as the first. I think I do well on my return to intercept a blue inkling looking to flank, but my sloshing lets me down. Trying to catch up has a Disruptor throw not work, but I'm more used to that. I eventually catch up and get the splat. It was a lot of ink for little gain, but it gets me in to a favourable position as my squidmates hop on to the Tower.

Pushing around the side splats the Luna Blaster at close range, and moving right around the back gets the E-litre 3K out of the way too. Another lap catches the Luna Blaster again, I my Bubbler just in time to save me from the E-litre 3K, and although he gets out of the way of my bucket a different blue inkling isn't so lucky. I retreat as my squidmates get close to taking the lead, but they don't need my help. Instead, I get cocky in squidding towards the E-litre 3K again.

My usual contrary self decides not to go towards the Tower, but around the side from a hopefully unexpected direction. It almost works, but the blue team have the Tower, so I instead unexpectedly intercept an inkling looking to flank us. My little spat with the E-litre 3K ends in a draw, but I find myself in a good position to stop a Splat Bomb Rush in progress. I still have the Tower to chase, but I catch up in time to help my squidmates, who are doing a good job of preventing us losing the lead they fought hard for.

I head around the back and lurk. I'm looking for the E-litre 3K, but aim for an inkling who drops in my path instead. It doesn't go so well, which is fine, as I don't particularly feel comfortable lying in wait for targets like that, and having it not work discourages me from trying again. Besides, the Tower is moving forwards again nicely, and I head that way to support the push.

I distract and splat the E-litre 3K, which is good, and the Luna Blaster hopping over the ramp, and although I get splatted in return, all looks good for a knockout victory, the Tower trundling in to view. That is, until a blue inkling super-jumps in like a hero, Inkzooka ready and aimed at the Tower. I can't help but be impressed.

I go back to help prevent the blue team returning the Tower, which goes okay until I stand next to a Suction Bomb, so instead I cover the blue ink all around our base. We just need to defend for a little longer, and removing any advantage the blue team has will help.

Sure enough, the Tower is coming our way, but moving away from bombs, gaining some height advantage, and a little patience helps secure the victory. Woomy!

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