Being unsplatted doesn't help you win the Splat Zones (12-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Don't mind my erratic movements at the start of the battle, I'm just plugging my Gamepad in to the power adapter. I get underway smoothly enough, right in to an N-ZAP. Pretty typical, really. With so much yellow ink around, I hold back, sending Seekers forwards, inking the corridor, until a Seeker Rush lets me be bold.

One Seeker hits, the others ink ahead nicely, and an Inkstrike to my side encourages me to move forwards, catching an evading inkling. I leave another Echolocated inkling along to focus on the Splat Zones a bit, catching up with him shortly afterwards. Now we're in control of the Splat Zones, and I have another Seeker Rush to help retain control.

I find myself in a sticky situation, a bit close to the yellow inklings, without much of a view, or much of a plan. Even so, I manage to get out of there, twice, in fact, which is doubly impressive as I shouldn't have gone back, before surviving two near misses. A bit of a breather helps me assess our situation. It looks good. We have the lead, we have control, and I have a path to flank the incoming yellow inkling.

Our situation looks good. I am pretty confident that we've fully turned the battle around. My survival even looks assured, as even when the Splat Zones turn yellow, a glitch, most likely, and an Inkstrike threatens my back, I get clear of everything, with some help from our charger squidmate. My Seekers keep hitting distant inklings too, where I am launching them only opportunistically.

Feeling almost invulnerable, despite a squidmate or two exploding nearby, I move forwards in to hostile ink to splat a super-jumper, before splatting an N-ZAP at some considerable range for a Carbon Roller. But I am only inkling after all, as the N-ZAP's ink overwhelms me. Still, we are back in control, and I have all the moves. This battle is sewn up.

Naturally, my confidence becomes my undoing. I believe I can just roll in to the Splat Zone, flick towards the yellow inklings, and everything works out. Of course, that wasn't what I was doing before at all. I had ensured there was ink around, got in closer to inklings whose position was better-known, and had a sprinkling of luck. Ignoring the first two bits means the luck doesn't matter.

I try to exercise a bit more caution, but the yellow inklings are back in charge, and the occasional Seeker doesn't cut it. A Seeker Rush helps, but not reacting quickly enough to the Inkzooka splats me back to base just when it looked like I could have made another positive contribution. And although we neutralise the Splat Zones just in time, the yellow team grab them back a few seconds later, and re-take the lead.

Again, there is simply too much ink for me to make any sensible progress, and, this time, too little time to do anything about it. Props to the yellow team for turning the battle around.

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