Skirting the Splat Zones (7-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

10th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't go all the way around the side to start this Walleye Warehouse battle. It takes a bit longer, and either no one's watching the side anyway, so what's the point, or an inkling is coming down the corridor and my route is blocked either way. This time, an inkling is coming. My pause to try to launch a Seeker, instead of flicking first, is probably my downfall.

My caution to approach hostile Splat Zones keeps me safe, but my ink trails down the centre keep getting covered. Without them, I will not be able to move up safely. I choose the corridor instead, but I show myself too soon, allowing the Mini Splatling to pop her Bubbler. Thankfully, she makes an error in direction, allowing me to get the upper-hand again.

I manage to splat a passing Carbon Roller before being bold enough to roll through the Splat Zones, heading backwards to cover some yellow mess. That finds an intruding yellow inkling, now stuck in blue ink, and I don't mind so much that it takes two flicks to splat him, as he doesn't react quickly enough to stop me.

The lack of yellow inklings helps us take control of the Splat Zones, but they soon come back. My Seeker isn't seeking the Inkstriker, so it's good that a squidmate moves up for the splat, and I don't really hunt the Seeker-rushing Carbon Roller who's on our turf quickly enough to prevent him splatting a squidmate. I follow a squid to the side, but it's the Mini Splatling, which can fire fast enough to ensure a mutual splatting.

I cover over more yellow ink on my return, being a bit cautious in case the obvious change in colour is noticed. It isn't, so I have the opportunity to send out Seekers from the side. I don't think they do much, but they allow me to move up, putting me in a good position to splat the Mini Splatling from the side.

My inattention to other threats almost gets me squished by a Carbon Roller. I get splatted still, but I make it mutual. Well, just about. Our score keeps ticking down, and we win as our two sets of kit sink in to the ink. Woomy!

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