Crazy splattenings in Splat Zones (11-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

11th September 2017 – 7.00 am

My gambit to poke around the crates in the Splat Zones is a bit risky, but somehow works this time, probably not because of anything I did. But I find myself in a sticky situation, where one inkling is somewhere, I don't know where, and the other purple inklings may come from behind. I decide my best bet is to sit tight and wait for the right moment. I think I find it, thanks to a friendly Killer Wail overlapping an unfriendly one.

A bit of inking is followed by a retreat when an Echolocator hits, which helps the purple team capture the Splat Zones. That's okay, my Seeker Rush charges, sending out a fair amount of ink, and some nice paths to follow. I sneak just beyond where a purple inkling things I am, but my flick doesn't seem to be as good a hit as it feels. So it goes.

I ink here and there, before a squidmate handily inks a path in to the Splat Zones. I use that to sneak up and get revenge on the Splattershot Jr, and start laying down more ink. I am helped with a second Seeker Rush, which, despite being Echolocated, forces a purple inkling in to a mistake. I bounce off a Killer Wail when trying to turn the Splat Zones green again, but I survive and retreat for my own health.

I turn back, Splat Zones purple, and send a Seeker ahead. It's a risky move, with just the one path, but my Ninja Squid t-shirt must help, as the Splattershot Jr doesn't anticipate my path. Another Seeker Rush helps with inking, and one Seeker catches an inkling with a beautiful curving path. I jink to the other side, and splat the Splatling from below, but am spotted quickly by a squidmate of hers and splatted back.

The purple ink is covering almost everything now. It's difficult to get close to the Splat Zones, but a helpful Killer Wail looks like a good opportunity. I don't realise some ink is coming from a Sprinkler, which explains why I don't splat an inkling on the boxes, but I skirt trouble until I am on the other side of the Splat Zones, where I meet the Splattershot Jr again. We trade ink, but at least I have helped neutralise the Splat Zones. My squidmates fill in the gaps moments later.

Maybe a trip around the side will be useful. Not immediately, obviously, and I don't want to spend longer going right around the back. For once, maybe I should have, as the Splatling is on the big container, a squidmate is super-jumping to her, and my Carbon Roller can't quite reach up there. I have to make do with a Seeker Rush, which helps neutralise the Splat Zones and gets an incidental splat, but I get muddled up with the Carbon Roller that super-jumps in, not quite getting the upper hand.

My squidmates have the Splat Zones under control, though. Nice! I squid around adding my ink here and there, trying to get close to the Splatling that's causing trouble somewhere. My moment comes when her placement of a Killer Wail gives away her position. I am Echolocated soon after the splat, and although I notice the Carbon Roller early enough to get a second splat, it appears I am being hunted whilst Echolocated. I can't blame them for doing that. And we've got the lead, which is good.

With just a few seconds to go, we only need to defend the Splat Zones to claim the victory. I try not to be too aggressive in doing this, lest I become a purple splotch in the wrong place, but I can't help but try splatting the Splatling from below again. It doesn't work, and I am splatted when I turn my back, but we've done enough. Woomy!

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