One turns to dust in Tower Control (7-1, Tri-slosher)

12th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I can get quite aggressive with the bucket. It helps that it lets me move really quickly, and that I don't have to aim too much, something that encourages me to hit the flanks early and often. I'm not even sure if a squid is on the create, but my first slosh hits so I keep going.

I am in a great position to slosh unexpectedly from behind, and splat two more teal inklings. The Tower rejects me, but accepts my squidmates, which I take as a sign to hit the flank again. I dive up the corridor and have a target right in front of me. Nice!

My random sloshing doesn't hit anyone else, and with the Tower going backwards I squid back to hop on and keep it moving forwards. A squidmate joins me immediately, so I'm off again, squidding around a Splash Wall in time to see the inkling that threw it disappear in a puff of ink dust. That tips the balance somewhat.

What's left of the teal team take the Tower with the help of a Bubbler, but that wears off, and my ink starts hitting the inklings. I don't come out of that unscathed, though, and am splatted back to base, as my squidmates regain Tower control.

I think it's worth super-jumping back to the action. I land with a splat, and scramble back on to the Tower for a quiet ride to the goal.

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