Warming up in Splat Zones (7-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

16th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oh yeah, I don't shoot the back of a squidmate's head. I'm learning. At least in parts. I don't think my aim has improved much. But I think I realised why recently, some time after this battle though, that taking my finger off the trigger jolts my aim a little. If I work on steadying that, maybe I can make more shots.

I don't do a great deal in the first minute of the battle. One Sprinkler throw is pretty good, the others land poorly. I am forced from my perch by an Inkzooka, which I don't out-draw but a squidmate happily splats. I overlay my Killer Wail with one already running, which is a bit of a waste. And I can't hit a Dynamo Roller stuck in ink. At least I finally get a splat, and a direct hit at that. If only I didn't end up standing next to a Splat Bomb, mostly thanks to missing an earlier shot against the Splatterscope.

I am a little cautious on my return, seeing the Splatterscope close enough to splat me off the crate. My Sprinklers don't do a great deal to prevent the Splat Zones turning green, but I do finally remember the corner I can stand on to get a better angle. I trade a missed shot with the Splatterscope, before a cheeky monkey launches an Inkstrike beneath my feet. Well I never did.

We lose the lead, the perch is being threatened, and dual Killer Wails do nothing. Better aim is needed all around, I would say. I take some time to tidy up around me, miss a couple of shots, but finally hit something with a Killer Wail. My squidmates are doing well too, having splatted the rest of the green team away and re-captured the Splat Zones, restarting our counter and letting me move across to a more open perch.

I do some more tidying, but without much green ink hitting our side the Splat Zones, I think that moving up will do more good. Maybe, if I were a bit smoother with the charger. I think I am doing well to hide my laser from the Splatterscope, but it seems evident that he's properly peeking, splatting me away easily. But moving up increased the pressure, and we retain control of the Splat Zones long enough to take the lead. Nice!

Inking here and there helps the team, more than my lack of splats, and giving way to our Splatling seems to make sense. I can be a distraction more than a splatter. I also help flush out the green inklings when they splat me. I lay down more ink, hoping that this makes me a meaningful and valued member of the team, and finally get another aimed splat, this time stealing it from our Inkzooka. I hope he didn't mind.

With little time to go, I help try to keep the green team pushed back, using my Splat Chargers range to ink the paths towards the Splat Zones. I get another aimed splat, which is nice, but the Roller was coming right for me. When a shooter goes left-to-right ahead of me, I keep missing. I really need more practice!

One more oncoming splat helps me end the battle on a positive note, although it looks like we owe a fair amount of the knockout victory to our Octoshot Replica. Woomy!

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