Accidentally picking on the Carbon Roller in Splat Zones (8-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I don't aggressively plunge myself in to a silly situation to start this battle, and I survive more than fifteen seconds. I should hang back and be sensible more often. I send out Seekers to make ink tracks, and try to keep myself safe. We lose the Splat Zones to start with, but we're able to take control ourselves pretty quickly.

I move up when it looks safer, and although trouble starts to appear, a bit of dodging not only keeps me safe but provides me opportunity to drop on an inkling for a splat. I'm not going to say no to opportunity. I do get a bit cocky immediately, though, and nearly get splatted by being in obviously the wrong place. Turning back doesn't look better, with a teal Seeker Rush underway, but I pause and watch for my moment, and splat the Carbon Roller nicely.

I cover the ink trail leading back to our base as a precaution, and launch my Seeker Rush when I have a lot of turf in front of me. I don't follow my Seekers, not wanting to be too obvious, and jinking brings the Carbon Roller right in front of me again. A bit more inking, and an opportunistic Seeker actually seeks and splats someone. Nice!

A couple of teal Inkstrikes neutralise the Splat Zones but don't capture them, and as the ink comes rushing in a second time I decide to try and flank. I bump in to something which can't be a Seeker, and luckily my reactions let me splat the Carbon Roller again before he can flick at me. I hope he's not getting too frustrated with our run-ins.

I continue up the corridor, and get lucky with my timing popping out of there. Some ink starts chasing me, but only as I drop over the ledge, at which point a turn and flick gets a splat. I roll around the container and get a fairly lucky splat, and squid this way and that to line up a third, which a squidmate gets instead. That deserves a 'Nice!'

The Splat Zones are purple again, without them having been teal, so there's no buffer. I launch another Seeker Rush. My counterpart is doing the same, which necessitates a dodge, and somehow a Seeker of mine splats him on top of the container, coincidentally as an Inkstrike hits. I'll take it, but it feels like I'm picking on the Carbon Roller now.

Our counter keeps ticking down, and there are no teal inklings approaching quickly enough to stop it. I just about have time for a short victory dance. Woomy!

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