Holding my turf in Tower Control (18-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

21st September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I only hit the back of one head to start the battle, which isn't bad. I don't aim for a perch, dunno why, and just hit the floor, keeping back to hold turf as a good charger should. My first splat is to avenge a squidmate's splat, which probably saved my skin, and I stick near the back hoping the green inklings don't get too close.

I'm not quite sure where to aim my first Killer Wail, with pressure on both sides. I pick one, and think I hit a super-jumper. Bad for him, good for us. A squid to the other side of the container gets a really nice partially charged splat on the jumping Luna Blaster, and shortly after my squidmates start pushing the Tower. I move up to support.

An Inkstrike causes the Tower to pause, and I hold my position just long enough to get a good splat through the ink. I squid back on to the boxes and splat the Hydra Splatling at the side, moving up as the Tower is cleared by the green team. I get off the Tower immediately, not quite having enough ink to plant a Sprinkler, and but my super-jumping squidmates and a charged Killer Wail help us retake control of the Tower.

My squidmates do a great job of getting us a good lead, as I try to keep the turf around us inked. I don't venture too far forwards, but I don't think that would benefit anyone anyway. A Killer Wail gets two splats, but misses the Bamboozler, who I try to avoid by jumping on to the Tower, but slide off the side and have to retreat normally. Some green pressure moves up from two sides, and despite the Luna Blaster moving slowly, the Octoshot wastes no time hitting me from the side.

There's a fair bit of tidying up to do on my return, so I keep the blue ink flowing. I keep clear of the Inkzooka, and splat him when it's finished, and as the Bamboozler tries to sit on the fence, my Killer Wail straddles the divide to splat him. I consider pushing the Tower, but green inklings approach, so I hop off. The splat I get after that is pretty lucky, but I'll take it.

As the green team approach again and my Splat Charger doesn't quite have the range, my Killer Wail charges. Before I can place it, though, an inkling gets splatted in front of me. Was that my Sprinkler? If it was, it does more than the Wail, and I'm blasted away from the action soon after. It looks like the Luna Blaster wants to be a nuisance too. I try a Sprinkler throw to catch him out, but it falls short, and my ink tank runs dry to do much more immediately.

Thanks to the Luna Blaster and his Splat Bomb Rush, the green team start to control most of the turf. That could let them push the Tower nicely, and, sure enough, the Tower starts coming our way. Luckily, my Killer Wail charges, and the Tower is on a straight line. A lucky splat in the ink helps keep the green inkling population under control, and some pressure just about discourages the Luna Blaster from pushing further.

Avoiding a Splat Bomb urges me forwards, but the Tower's going forwards so it's not a terrible position to be in. A Killer Wail blasts across the Tower, and a potshot hits an unseen inkling, and again I fail to hop on to the Tower, this time as seen on splat-cam. Some pressure forces me backwards, but I aim my Killer Wail well. A third splat comes immediately after, but the Bamboozler is quick enough to splat me back too.

Only seconds remain in the battle, our lead is huge, and we're pushing the Tower. I think that deserves a victory dance. But the green team wrest control of the Tower as the battle ends, sending us in to extra time. I should stop doing a jig!

A nicely thrown Sprinkler gets one inkling off the Tower, any my jumping on to the Tower scares the other green inkling to hop off. That's an odd decision to make in extra time, as it ends the battle, but I'm not complaining. Victory to us, woomy! And this has to be one of my best battles with a charger!

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