A couple of near misses in Rainmaker (14-8, Tri-slosher)

25th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I do well not to get ambushed at the start of the battle, and to stay just outside the range of the Rainmaker's Shield afterwards. Pushing up for my own little aggressive move gets one splat, and although my Bubbler keeps me safe from the ink for a bit, getting pushed back prevents me getting another splat. I run out of ink too, but the green inkling that splats me gets Wailed in purple ink as I watch. Nice!

My squidmates take a good early lead, and as they do that I do my own thing, as usual. I like to think I'm helping, at least indirectly. And by coming from an unexpected angle, I catch the Rainmaker off guard, and even manage to squid around to splat the rest of the team, mostly by accident whilst inking turf. Even better, I circle back as a squidmate bursts the Rainmaker free, and I make a break for it. I get tantalisingly close to the podium, but not quite close enough to dunk the Rainmaker.

It's worth taking the short, super-jumping route back. A Disruptor and some sloshing helps splat one inkling, and moving around the corner quickly gets under the Sloshing Machine to seemingly clear the path forwards. I steal the Rainmaker, see the podium large in my squiddy pupils, and am confident that I'll dunk the Rainmaker this time. To be fair, I get closer!

The battle should be sewn up, but we can't rest on our laurels. If we get lazy, the green team could splat us out of the way and storm in to the lead. It's time to get defensive, and sensibly so. As the Rainmaker is splatted, rather than join my squidmates in the same place on the same side of the shield, I squid around to provide defence from a different angle. It works too, as the Brush is trying to flank us, and some good squidding and popping my Bubbler at the right moment saves my Splatling squidmate.

My other squidmates believe that an assault is a good defence, and they'd be right. I come around the side to help keep some pressure on the green team, and even though I'm overwhelmed we've sucked up some more vital seconds of the battle. The green team push back, of course, and I'm not quite sure what I'm trying to do when splatted next. Get splatted, it looks like.

I come to my senses soon enough, and start skirmishing around the Warehouse again. I splat the Brush away from the container, and move up a little ruthlessly until I run out of ink and realise the Rainmaker is nowhere near me. I get a good vantage point to assess circumstances quickly, and splat the remaining green inkling away, and try to push the Rainmaker the right way again. A diving Kraken stops me with some aplomb.

It's a bit of a suicide move next, but it keeps me happy to be doing something. As I recover, the green team get further forwards than they have so far, but are successfully repelled by my squidmates as I navigate the ocean of green turf. A squidmate moves up with the Rainmaker as I jink around the block to destroy a Beakon, and although I think I get out of the way of the Kraken, the Kraken has other ideas.

The battle enters extra time, with the green team getting one more push. But their route is obvious, and, no doubt a little panicked, they rush ahead without support. The inkling almost doubles the green team's points, but the victory still goes to us. Woomy!

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