Just the two of us in Rainmaker (11-7, Tri-slosher)

25th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I make a fairly normal, overly aggressive push to start the battle, and am splatted back to base. At least I can count on my squidmates to be more sensible but, checking the status of the map, the battle looks lop-sided. As I return to the battle, I keep my eye on the suspiciously grey squid markers at the top of the screen, and two of them stay grey. I don't think that's a good sign.

Running directly towards the Rainmaker is rarely a good idea, but it's got to work some time. Not this time, though. The next time works like a charm, I have to say, mostly because the Rainmaker isn't shooting. I push forwards to splat the second inkling, and eye up the Splatling as I pop my Bubbler, but he squids away somewhere in the sea of teal. But moving around finds a super-jumper to splat, which pleases me.

My squidmate does sterling solo work with the Rainmaker as I ink turf, both of which are already lost causes, but you have to do your best. I catch one inkling heading backwards, ink the podium to help slow down the inevitable dunking, and pop my Bubbler at just the right time as I my sloshing hits something in the ink. And despite somehow not getting hit by the Rainmaker's blast, my luck runs out against the purple bucket.

I think I'm being stealthy on my return, hiding from the Rainmaker coming up our flank. But I'm wrong. I make up for that by jumping down on the Rainmaker, sacrificing myself but getting two splats in the process. That's pretty much what we have to do, I suppose, and the teal team remind me of their number superiority on my return.

I do well to help my squidmate repel the next push, but the Splatling gets away again slyly, and then just about catches me as I try to evade without a Bubbler. I thought I'd got out of the way, but I also think I get out of the way of the Slosher as I come back, but I still get splatted. Sometimes things go this way.

Still the teal team pushes closer to the podium. With both of us purple inklings out of the way, they cover the last distance without much trouble, despite my last-gasp sloshing. Still, I think the two of us did really well to last over three minutes.

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