Rather frantic Splat Zones (12-2, Carbon Roller Deco)

3rd October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I want to get some turf inked before I do anything too reckless. I'm glad the green Carbon Roller doesn't think that way, getting me an early splat. Holding back a little lets me see where the brush is coming from too, and not rushing forwards for an uncertain splat lets me engage on better terms. I should be a cautious a little more often.

I may have a couple of splats, but we don't have the Splat Zones. I move up after a Seeker neutralises them, but they are turned green by a Slosher at the side, and I'm stuck in an awkward position. No surprise that I don't get out of there unsplatted. It's all looking a bit one-sided, and I'm not recklessly going to jump in to green ink just to make it worse. A Seeker here and there, a bit of tidying up, and some good inking by my squidmates turns the Splat Zones purple, though.

The green team have a buffer to work through, should they regain control of the Splat Zones, and it's our task now not to let them. Running in to Krakens won't help, so I'm glad I can stop my momentum in time, and follow-up when it transforms back in to an inkling. I'm not tempted to hit the flank, it's all too green, and I just about dodge one Inkstrike, but another soon after combined with a Slosher is just too much ink for me.

The green team get control of the Splat Zones again, and everything is turning green again. I head down our flank as the green team approaches, and push aggressively to get a splat that I probably shouldn't. And, somehow, survive, despite clearly being overwhelmed. This may be my lucky battle! A little behind what action may still be occurring, I can ink the Splat Zones to neutralise them, and I retreat when an Inkstrike flies in. Happily, it's a purple Inkstrike, one that fully captures the Splat Zones again.

My Seeker Rush isn't entirely needed, but I try to make the best of it, and some Seekers certainly pressure at least one inkling not to rush to the Splat Zones. Squidding around to intercept them works well, and a pause catches a super-jumper, but more inking is required. I am seen and chased, but turning to face my attacker panics him. He squids up the container by accident, raising him to the right height for my Carbon Roller flick. Nice!

All this purple turf looks so much better! Even better still, we take the lead as I tidy up around the side. Nice! I turn back to the Splat Zones to see bad splatting happening, but also an opportunity to chase a Kraken. That goes well, and I help protect a super-jumping squidmate, but the green inkling really does choose the wrong time to launch an Inkstrike. It neutralises the Splat Zones briefly, but my avenging a squidmate splatted by the Carbon Roller helps turn them purple again.

Concentrating on covering green ink gets me a lucky splat, and a nice reaction splat, and with the green team out of the way the Splat Zones stay a nice purple. Our counter keeps ticking down, and our victory looks assured. I give a 'Nice!' to the team, but no victory dance, as the green ink is coming in quickly, and we need purple ink to flow too.

The last second surge by the green isn't quite enough, and we just about keep the Splat Zones purple for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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