Squaring up to the Hydra Splatling in Splat Zones (14-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

4th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

That Hydra Splatling could pose plenty of problems in Splat Zones. I head around the side, going the long way, wondering if I could get behind her and nullify her a little. But of course, the Hydra Splatling doesn't really demand sitting on a perch behind the team, and I run in to her pretty early. I nearly get a clean splat anyway, but even if I had, the Luna Blaster would have got me immediately afterwards.

My squidmates take control of the Splat Zones, maybe because the Hydra Splatling isn't spewing ink everywhere, and I return to teal resistance. I try to stay out of trouble, but decide that maybe I should try to get in to trouble a bit too. With a mostly inked path ahead of me, I squid forwards and just about surprise the Hydra Splatling before she can pop her Bubbler, capture the Splat Zones accidentally, and splat an inkling who misses divebombing me, before heading back to safety.

My Seeker Rush doesn't do too much, it seems, not compared to the Burst Bomb Rush from the teal team. I try to get around a Disrupting Tri-slosher, and run in to the Luna Blaster looking for high ground. I get the splat, but get stuck in teal ink whilst in view of the Hyrda Splatling. It's an imposing weapon.

I look for a way behind the Hydra Splatling again, and again bump in to her closer to the centre of the Warehouse, but her Bubbler is ready when a faint flick hits, so I move away. My movement doesn't fool her, but my Seeker lets me get away again, and splats the unlucky Luna Blaster too. I roll back to help around the Splat Zones, before trying the side route again.

The Hydra Splatling is coming my way. I pause to see if she comes down, but she is just keeping that route orange-proofed. I take a little too long to realise this, but make my move at a good time anyway, the Hydra Splatling almost running in to my Seeker. I think I have her trapped, but she teleports behind me and gets away cleanly. I wish I could do that. I do the wise thing and don't give chase, instead using my good position to hit a different teal inkling from behind.

A lack of ink doesn't help me launch a Seeker, but that may be for the best, as it pushes me in to a different route, where I can get close to and splat the Hydra Splatling, plus one more inkling. I backtrack to where it looks like I can catch the Tri-slosher coming out of her Bubbler, but my timing is a little off. Worse, the puddle I leave captures the Splat Zones for the other team.

Another trip around the side looks like it could work out well for me, but a missed flick lets the Hydra Splatling pop her Bubbler, and pop me, and a try down the other side just gets me sloshed. I think the timing of everything is a bit off, to be frank, but so it goes. And now our lead looks to be in danger. Sure enough, we lose the lead soon after, and although I go on a small splatting spree, there remains enough teal ink flowing for me not to have much effect.

My squidmates fare a bit better in inking the Splat Zones than me, and with time ticking down I hope we can keep up the effort to take the lead back, but running incautiously to the Hydra Splatling's line-of-fire doesn't help anyone. The teal team recaptures the Splat Zones for the victory.

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