All around the Splat Zones (12-4, Tri-slosher)

5th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Ha ha, an E-litre 3K on the other team! I wonder what I can do about him? Not much if I can't find him, despite my smooth journey across the length of the Warehouse. Without much other option, I poke my beak out and try ot help out the ailing Splat Zones. Hey, there's the E-litre 3K! I can't splat him from here. And before I can choose a route, I have company. They're splatted, thanks to my Bubbler, and I squid down and in to the Splat Zones where it looks like the E-litre 3K has helpfully forgotten about me.

That was a good start, of sorts. Good for me, not good for the team. We have some work to do to get the lead, but time to do it. With the blue team out of the way we get our score started, and I go looking for the E-litre 3K again. I find him by accident, slipping under his laser sight, and pausing just long enough for him to get past me before inking him in the back. Harsh, but only fair. And seconds later, we take the lead, nice!

Me and my squidmates push high, aggressively holding our turf, and because I have support I don't get relentlessly pushed back in my Bubbler and splatted afterwards. I still get splatted afterwards, but that's because the N-ZAP has the higher turf. And is an N-ZAP. The blue team push back a little, retaking control of the Splat Zones, so I slosh some ink over our side as I come back. I jink across to the other side, so that I don't run directly towards an inkling, and that gives me the element of surprise to get the splat.

Pushing forwards again as the blue team comes towards me gives me a bit of cover, with no drawback because of my bucket. I get a splat on a flying squid, and turn away so that I don't push my luck. With the Splat Zones green again, I try to help splat more blue inklings, and even though I don't I help a bit in keeping them back, as well as keeping the Splat Zones green.

Lots of blue ink starts flying in to the Splat Zones, enough to convince me that we can't just fight ink with ink. We need to start splatting again. I head around the side to get behind the blue team, but they are behind me in the wrong ways. One sees me hit the ramp and starts shooting, my Tri-slosher just about getting ink in the right place, and the E-litre 3K is then behind me, coming back from already being splatted. Thankfully, I'm not immediately splatted, which at least gives us more control of the Splat Zones.

We almost have the knockout victory, but with so much blue ink everywhere I can't rely on that yet. Indeed, the Splat Zones are neutralised before I get to them, and despite my best efforts, they turn blue to give us a hefy buffer again. Being splatted away is a minor irritation. I take the long route around the side to hopefully not be spotted, but it doesn't work, so I take the direct route, inking the corners as I go.

My squidmates are on top of circumstances again, and ink the Splat Zones nicely, splatting the blue team away. I keep my supporting sloshing up, pushing forwards at a good time to splat the E-litre 3K again, if only because of my Bubbler. Running in to the back of the N-ZAP is fun too, if just as lucky, and we only need to keep things green for a little longer and the knockout victory finally is ours. Woomy!

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