Slosher splatting in Tower Control (17-6, Tri-slosher)

7th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Naturally, I'm aiming for that Kelp Splatterscope to start my battle. The N-ZAP coming my way could be trouble, but a missed Point Sensor by her lets me squid close enough to get an advantage. From there, even an active Point Sensor doesn't alert the Splatterscope on her standard perch. It looks like my squidmates are doing well too, as the other two green inklings are splatted too, and we take advantage by moving the Tower.

The green inklings come back, of course. I mostly dodge them, and although I squid nimbly past a Sprinkler, the Splatterscope splats me with a good reaction shot. I take care coming back, managing to avoid the Luna Blaster, and exercise a bit more caution when trying to come up behind the green team. I end up squidding around the back to look for splats, and take a long route around to the centre, where I find the green team, and my Bubbler keeps me going just long enough to splat most of them.

I do some tidying up on my return, which gets me some height where I can see a Kraken to avoid. I don't quite slosh the inkling behind the Killer Wail, and lose her when I drop down, but my position catches one inkling nicely, and my Bubbler saves me by the skin of my beak from the Luna Blaster. I push my luck against the Splatterscope with a Point Sensor on me, luck that runs out when the thrower of that Point Sensor comes up behind me.

I take a flanking route on my way back, but a fairly direct one, as our lead isn't great. I don't splat an inkling below me, but manage to clear the Tower. After that, I run out of ink, and get hit by a Splat Bomb when trying to dive away from a Killer Wail. It was not a good position I was in. I try the same thing again, where things work out a little bit better.

Dodging a Suction Bomb lets me splat the Octoshot, I hop back on to the Tower like a pro, and back off again to pop my Bubbler and splat the Luna Blaster, turning to catch the Splatterscope trying to place a Killer Wail. And the Tower keeps on moving. My squidmates are in control now, so I squid ahead, past one inkling, but sloshing ahead lets me splat an inkling squidding over the ramp as my squidmates splat the Octoshot that went past me.

Heading back towards the goal finds the Splatterscope, thanks to an Echolocator, and just as it looks like we can go all the way, I get double-teamed without a Bubbler ready. Good work, green team. We have one minute to go, and a massive lead. I tidy up a bit to prevent easy green movement, before pressing up to look for splats. I find two, with the Luna Blaster being one, and me being the second. Not quite what I was hoping for.

I hit the short flank on my return, wondering if the Splatterscope has seen me. I don't think so, I think that's just turf control, so I keep moving. I drop down when the Kraken goes to try to reclaim the Tower, which is perhaps better served by splatting the two inklings near me. My Bubbler helps with that, and a squidmate hops on to the Tower as time runs out, to ensure us the victory. Woomy!

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