One-point Rainmaker with a three-point shot [16(4)-7, Tri-slosher]

26th December 2017 – 7.00 am

I stumble over my first splat opportunity, deservedly only ending up with an assist, before moving up to be wary of the E-litre 4K's sights. I dabble a bit with Burst Bombs, a couple hitting inkling, one hitting the block in front of me, before a proper opportunity arises, which I gladly take as my squidmates advance the Rainmaker. I push ahead of the Rainmaker, and sneak a peak around a corner, which gets me a splat, but also splatted.

I can tell as I super-jump that the landing is going to be rough. I don't even get a Burst Bomb loosed. I last a bit longer next outing, but not by much. Still, the Rainmaker is nicely advanced towards the purple podium, so I don't mind too much. Not reacting to the Splat Bomb nicely rolled just behind me is a little more disappointing, but not unexpected.

I return to ink the path I'm expecting the Rainmaker to come towards us, which is somewhat premature, but it charges my Ink Armour. I need it when I wander in to the Rainmaker's blast. I feel a bit hard done by when my downwards sloshing is beaten by upwards sloshing, though. But this is interesting: did my bucket brethren not realise the Rainmaker was burst free, or was she intentionally waiting for it to reset, as it does now after a while? Smart, if the latter.

I think I try to splat a squidmate as the Rainmaker's shield bulges. I don't succeed, but I do manage to sneak behind the E-litre 4K. If only my aim was better, I could have squidded away without getting caught by the explosion. How can I not aim with a bucket? I'm not very good. My squidmates just about stop the Rainmaker before we lose the lead, and I help splat the other inklings so that we can move the Rainmaker away from danger.

I manage to get three splats and an assist in quick time, which is satisfying, and we move the Rainmaker further away from our podium. I'm stopped when a flanking move is accidentally anticipated. I come back to tidy up a bit, including activating the ink rail, just so that it can't be purple quickly, and see the Enberry Dualies rolling this way and that. I don't want to risk getting close with my bucket, so let him catch a Burst Bomb instead. Nice!

With seconds to go, the purple team grab the Rainmaker and make a run from it deep from their own territory. I do the wrong thing and get distracted by a super-jumping ring, and get lucky as the Dualies roll out of my way. I give chase and just about catch up to the Rainmaker as my squidmates splat him, ending the battle with just one point in it.

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