Second S-Rank Rainmaker battle goes for a dunk!

17th August 2016 – 7.00 am

I admit that I'm playing it safe with the Splattershot Jr. I could use a different weapon, but the Jr lets me be mobile and gives me a Bubbler for emergencies. I'll swap to something else once I'm a bit more comfortable.

This Rainmaker battle gets off to an amazing start. Despite being disrupted, I grab the Rainmaker and, with my squidmates clearing the way, get almost to the podium in the first carry!

Getting our team splatted requires us to regroup, but we keep the pressure on the blue team. Breaking the Rainmaker's shield just as the Kraken turns back to an inkling is good luck, and gives me another, better chance to get to the podium.

Squidding past a really close Splat Bomb gets me the dunk. Woomy!

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