Frantic Rainmaker

14th September 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm eschewing the temptation to equip the Splatterscope initially for Arowana Mall, instead opting for the Splattershot Jr. I should be more mobile and, with the Bubbler, more resilient. If I remember the Bubbler, that is.

I don't mean to pick up the Rainmaker that first time. I was just going to ink the wall, hence my confusion as my weapon stops shooting. It's normally the other way around, where I go for the Rainmaker and miss.

I show a bit of good play when I am being toyed with by backing off instead of going beak-to-beak, given that I normally lose. I also pop the Bubbler, but still somehow not manage to splat the threats, and get splatted myself.

Avoiding the Kraken is also a good idea in general, and it is just bad luck that by doing so I run in to a second, fresher Kraken. Never mind.

I get a good look at the podium when I have the Rainmaker at one point, but the blue team get a good look at me at the same time. That's okay, as we were already in the lead.

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