Going for the podium in Arowana Mall Rainmaker

15th September 2016 – 7.00 am

I didn't mean to drop through that grate, but never mind. You work with what you're given, and at least I didn't fall in to the water. My first splatting is delayed.

Chasing down the Squiffer is maybe not the best idea. In a different battle, the other team dunks the Rainmaker as I am doing the same with a Splatterscope. Thankfully, it works out this time, and my little chase lands me next to the dropped Rainmaker.

Note how a different inkling tries to go over the plant bed to befuddle me a bit later. That's not going to work, I invented that move! He still splats me, of course, but only because I have a tendency to squid right next to any one shooting me. Not a great survival technique.

I get my hands on the Rainmaker after that, and have some support with me. I leave that support behind, don't ask me why, to land in a sea of green ink, whilst also being shot at.

But I keep my eyes on the prize, and ink a little path for myself. No Sprinkler or Killer Wail will stop me now. Woomy!

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