Sloshing away in Tower Control

1st October 2016 – 7.00 am

Tower Control on Blackbelly Skatepark and Flounders Heights. It's a good day to break out the Tri-slosher!

Unlike other amps, Blackbelly Skatepark is a good place to go directly for a ride on the tower, particularly with the Tri-slosher. The tower is at the highest point of the map, letting the ink rain down on anyone else not quick enough to get there first.

My first ride gets us pretty close to the goal, which is a great start, even if I have a little trouble staying on the tower itself. We lose control before the knockout, which is almost inevitable, but get the tower to ourselves again. Quite how I don't splat the inkling in the corner sooner, I don't know, but it means I can't focus my attention to the inkling on the ledge. So it goes.

The third time we get good tower control, I go more for support, pressing ahead to clear the opposition out of the way. It mostly works, and although my Bubbler is charged I don't quite activate it in time when the Splash Wall hits.

I am watching the tower get closer to the goal as I respawn, which makes it look like I'm not paying attention when I am an inkling again. I soon recover my wits and super-jump to provide support to the tower, which, as it turns out, isn't really needed. Great to land on the tower for the victory all the same.

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