Unsuccessful charging in Tower Control (10-5, Splatterscope)

14th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm sticking with the Splatterscope, which is my plan for now. Arowana Mall crops up again, which suits me. Off to my perch, and I start pulling my shots. Good stuff! I can hit a Splash Wall, though.

I am really enjoying the Splatterscope again. I hope it is because I can use it and not because of some weird weekend match-making. Snapping the shot at the top of the tower for a splat, and following up with the opposite charger is excellent.

Another pair of splats after that, two good shots again. Sure, we lose the lead, but I'm playing my role pretty well, if I can say that. I keep in mind needing to maintain a decent range from the opposition, and even if I don't always manage it I don't think I am particularly reckless.

We don't win, but that's the unsuccessful part of the battle. I think my charging was actually pretty decent again.

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