Not a bad effort in Spongebob Splatfest (777p, 6-1, Splatterscope)

4th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

Back for another go at the Splatfest, and I return with the Splatterscope after a couple of mediocre battles with the Wasabi Splattershot. If I'm going to get to be Splatfest Queen the slow way, I may as well make it more difficult for myself.

I can't get mad with that Roller splatting me from a conveyer belt jump. It's what I try to do every time I see a charger in the other team. That'll teach me.

The slosher hiding from my Splat Bomb in the corner is peculiar. Maybe he was just shying away from my Splatterscope, much like the Kraken does when his time to change back comes. That was after I somehow evaded that Killer Wail.

I don't think the Slosher inkling is comfortable in this battle. I get him a couple more times in rather simple circumstances. But I don't mind inflating my numbers a little. I could use it.

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