Charging in S Rank Tower Control (8-6, Splatterscope)

17th November 2016 – 7.00 am

I was watching some of my best games, in the Games of Fame playlist, and was pretty impressed by some of the charging I've managed to do. Maybe I got some luck here and there, but even if it is luck, it's great when it happens. And it's also why I record these battles.

I come back to S Rank this session trying to recapture the fun I've had with a Splatterscope. I know I probably won't, partly because I'm just not much of an S-Rank player, and partly because I am a little rusty with the charger. But you get better by practicing, and that's my aim.

As it happens, my first battle goes quite positively. I tell myself beforehand that I should maintain my range, keep the turf behind me inked, and exercise caution. I kinda do, even though those aims are not always possible to achieve when the opposition is pressing.

I also get carried away a few times, and push closer to the opposition than I should. I get splatted for it, which should help reinforce my aims, at least. I get some good splats too, including a decent double splat to prevent our base being overrun, followed up by a good fluke. Maybe I can improve again with a charger.

Our lead never really comes under too much threat, which I suppose is good. I don't mind dropping out of S Rank occasionally, but winning is a little cherry on the top of a good battle.

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