Close call vs the Wasabi boys in Black Tie Splatfest (1150p, 3-4, Tri-slosher)

22nd November 2016 – 7.00 am

Are the inkling girls boys too? As Crash of Crash and the Boys would say: yes.

I think I was meant to be on that platform as the fan activated. That's cool, I can wait for the next one, and remember how they work as I do.

I like how the yellow inkling jinks to try to avoid getting splatted by me, and how my Tri-slosher ignores his jinking and just splashes ink wide enough to splat him anyway.

The Wasabi trio certainly give us a hard time. The map is looking very yellow as we enter the last minute of the battle, and when I don't have my Bubbler charged I am quite vulnerable to the Splattershots.

Thankfully, jumping down from the wall seems to confuse the inkling in front of me, and I splat him with only minor inks splashes. That bolsters my Tri-slosher action, and I get a second splat that isn't mutual. Can it be enough to turn the battle?

Maybe! Winning by 0.3% is pretty close. I like to think that inking the top of those walls helped to clinch us the victory, as I note the yellow team didn't do that. But, of course, my squidmates helped with the other 40% of the map.

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