Nightmare turns to dream in Splat Zones (3-5, Splatterscope)

25th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

This battle goes quite badly for me from the start. Did the Squiffer know I was there? How? Maybe it was just a lucky shot, the kind that I get occasionally. But it kinda sets the scene for my getting splatted from all angles, and making bad decisions because of it.

That Dual Squelcher is a pain, and I'm not entirely happy about their camping in that corner, but I suppose it works. At least I choose a different route after being splatted twice. I know now not to engage in petty vengeance battles.

I also manage to dodge a few Killer Wails, which is good, although more expected in an open map like Blackbelly Skatepark. My first splat isn't credited to me, either, but that's fine. A splat for the team is still a splat.

My first credited splat, at 3'30", is a really lucky one, and a mirror image of the Squiffer's splat on me at the start of the match. It really can just be a fluke, and it's kinda fun to be on both ends of exactly the same splat in the same battle.

By that point in the battle, we've taken firm control. We may have struggled at the start, but now we control the Splat Zones and all the turf around it, and don't look like relinquishing control. As the counter ticks down, I get another lucky splat at 4'30", followed by a legitimate splat.

The counter keeps ticking down, and the battle turns from a bit of a miserable time to a knockout victory where we are in command. Good stuff, squidmates!

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