Bubbling around on Tower Control (7-2, Tri-slosher)

3rd December 2016 – 7.00 pm

Some battles I remember I have a Bubbler. This is one of those battles. A poor showing with the Splatterscope to start with, I swap to the Tri-slosher for Tower Control, thinking I can slosh ink down from above. Then again, I also think I can flank the charger on the other team, but she's not on her perch.

I move on to splat a different inkling and ride the tower, then get splatted by the charger on the perch. Never mind. I circle around to flank her, but she's gone, dammit. Back to splatting and riding the tower!

It's not just me on the tower, though. My squidmates know what they're doing, and want to progress the objective too. Good going, squidmates! This lets me provide some support, inking ahead, getting a splat, and coming from behind to keep the tower under our control.

With the goal in sight, my Bubbler charges. This seems like a good time to use it! I Bubble, my squidmates hop on the tower for some Bubbling glory, and we ride on to the knockout victory! Woomy!

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