Splatting all around the Museum in Tower Control (16-6, Tri-slosher)

11th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I don't think I've played Tower Control in Museum d'Alfonsino for a while, so it took me a little while to find out how to reliably get to the other side of the museum. The central column isn't there! Luckily, two extra blocks have been added, one either side, allowing for access. I make good use of them.

Right away, I pressure a charger to retreat, which bodes well for my formidable bucket. If I remember that I have a Bubbler, and can activate it quicker than a Dynamo Roller can flick, I should be invincible.

Catching the Blaster unawares from my being almost as high as him was a lot of fun, failing to make the tiniest of jumps from the tower less so. But when I find that second route the opponents' side, I'm all over the place. I even remember to find time to ride the Tower.

As I always like to do, I manage to flank the charger and splat him completely by surprise a couple of times, and bagging that triple to reclaim the tower was superb. A fantastic, fun battle!

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