Manic museum Tower Control (11-10, Tri-slosher)

1st January 2017 – 7.00 am

Not inking the side of the wall at the start of the battle turned out to be quite good, as the inkling coming that way abandoned the route to dip down. I see that, follow, and bag myself a couple of splats.

We take control of the Tower, which gives me a good opportunity to hang around on the opponents' side of the map, making a pest of myself. This lasts until the Slosher shows me what a proper bucket can do, outranging my smaller bucket, even when I have gravity on my side.

Eventually, we lose the turf, and the Tower. That shouldn't be a problem, we'll just get it back. Or maybe the teal team will push it far enough to take the lead. We should be able to get the lead back, but I start making mistakes.

It didn't need me to slosh at the super-jump ring, not with a squidmate in a better position doing so. And rather than try to flank and approach from an unexpected angle, I rush straight towards the tower, and straight in to a stream of inky projectiles.

When we finally get the Tower moving in the right direction again, it is a bit foolish to cram three inklings on to the it when a Blaster is aiming at us. It is kinda funny to see four inklings explode at once, though.

Despite all this, it was a really fun battle, one I very much enjoyed. Woomy!

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