Nearly losing it in Tower Control (12-7, Blaster)

18th January 2017 – 7.00 am

The Blaster has been working for me in Tower Control, and I'm happy to give it another outing. It's the basic Blaster again, as maybe the Killer Wail can come in handy, as well as the Disruptor, if I remember it. I also need to remember not to run straight towards the other inklings.

I quite enjoy Kelp Dome. It is fairly compact, but has several routes to choose from, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and can be dependent on circumstances. I try to make use of them all, if not in this match then in the ones that follow.

I also squid about a bit without a clear idea of what I'm doing, mis-throw Disruptors, and flounder a little. But that's just me settling down. Once settled, I get a double-splat with the Killer Wail, convert that in to a triple-splat, and bag me another one shortly after.

Of course, my 'Nice!' is poorly timed again, but I felt I had to squeeze one in. Thinking it can't be long before we push for the knockout, I go right around the back of everyone. I suppose it works, in a way, but I fail to get either of the two splats available, and the Tower is long gone too.

I try to make amends by, um, getting the splats I missed, maybe? But although that does bag me the splats, the Tower gets pushed even further. At least another Killer Wail gets it back for us. I try to put my defence cap on, but am blindsided by the charger, and the Tower gets even closer to beating our lead

The time is nearly up, and still the Tower moves. I aim to clear the Tower of inklings, but am too far away for my Blaster. At least moving up provides enough threat to pause everything, although I rather think I have my squidmates to thank for actually stopping the Tower's progress.

At the end, I'm not entirely sure how close we were to losing. Can't have been too bad, I suppose.

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