Mass DC in Rainmaker (4-5, Splatterscope)

3rd February 2017 – 7.00 am

This one is a bit embarrassing. After a decent start to the battle, including a beautifully timed shot, just about everyone disappears, disconnecting from the battle.

That leaves me and a squidmate, against one Soda Slosher. What's embarrassing is that the Soda Slosher is better than my squidmate and me combined. To be fair, I'm probably dragging my squidmate down a bit.

What we get is a nice showcase of how poor I can be at Rainmaker and aiming, although once I realise the situation I calm down a bit and play to the circumstances.

I splat the Slosher when I am close to the podium, and take advantage of the complete lack of opposition to go for a dunking. I don't make it, though, and it's up to my squidmate to get it.

At least we do get the 2 vs 1 dunking.

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