Ink everywhere in Splat Zones (8-3, Splatterscope)

7th February 2017 – 7.00 am

Ancho-V Games Splat Zones almost insists that chargers hold back and just spray ink everywhere. Who am I to disappoint? Rather than head to the side grating, where maybe I can get more splats, I go to overlook the Splat Zones, and see if I can get more ink there than elsewhere.

I am under pressure from a long-range weapon or two, but I spy the Squelcher in the ink, either re-charging or waiting for me. I shorten his wait in a quite satisfying way. I take a moment to cover some more turf with green ink, and bag a really flukey splat on a super-jumping inkling. They all count!

That shot also shows me that I can sneak some ink under the hoardings, which is nifty to know. The blue-inked pressure comes back from their flanking point next, which is good timing for my Splat Bomb Rush, as my throwing arm just about reaches over there. The other inkling lobs a couple of Splat Bombs my way, but my Splatterscope reaches further.

The moving platforms can change the angles to make aiming awkward, like I need more trouble with that, but I still manage to get a good bead occasionally. And the pressure comes back from the flanking side, with more Splat Bombs coming my way. I just have to wait this one out.

After a refreshingly long almost-three minutes, I am finally splatted. Lasting so long felt good, I have to say, and at least I splatted my splatter. I also show good coordination getting up the wall to get back to the battle, which is unlike me. And I get back in to the battle.

I fall off the wall, so it seems like a good idea to make the most of my Splat Bomb Rush. I try to leave a Splat Bomb for an inkling to drop on to, but I realise that she doesn't need to come down, so I move on. I do quite well in the pit, and could have done better had I not hit that block. Oh well.

One last splatting, and trying to shoo away an inkling looking to stop movement from our base, and the battle draws to a close, with us victorious. Woomy!

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