Some good splatting in Splat Zones (11-3, Splatterscope)

14th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I find out in a previous battle that my perch isn't quite as safe from a dedicated Octobrush as I would like. That won't stop me from using it, but in this battle I aim to be a bit more mobile, attempting to hold the centre ground but covering more of the Splat Zones.

The main problem is probably the moving platform, which I occasionally have to avoid and work around, but it also protects me a bit, so I don't really mind. My first splat is good, if not as difficult as it might have been. A small puddle of ink is not a great place to hide.

I manage to avoid a Splat Bomb whilst not wasting my own Splat Bomb Rush only by walking in to the start of a Killer Wail, which I also manage to avoid, but when the purple ink rains down on my there's nowhere else for me to go.

There seems to be trouble from the side, with an inkling lobbing the occasional Splat Bomb over the top, but I've learnt to mostly ignore that. In this case, I realise that climbing on to the middle of our big platform is probably a good place for me to be. I get up there and make the most of my vantage point.

I don't hit two squids next to each other, but I stop the one running across the bridge. I miss a jump squid, but that's okay, as Echolocator is my friend, as is lady luck seconds afterwards. And now we're back in control.

Some inkling tries to use his Killer Wail against me. I fall off my perch, but get my own back with a Splat Bomb Rush, that gets an additional splat when I turn my attention to the Splat Zones. I splat the Killer Wailer again, and he turns his attention towards me again with another Killer Wail shortly afterwards.

Dodging down, I have to improvise again. I don't make my close shots and am forced backwards, but the Kraken doesn't chase me down. A Disruptor looks to end my run, though, but a nifty shot relieves some pressure, and a Splat Bomb Rush charges at just the right moment to ignore being Disrupted.

I foolishly expect the Octobrush to drop down to engage me, but he's in a much better position and unsurprisingly doesn't come down. I turn my attention away from him eventually, and return to the Splat Zones. I last a good long time down on the ground, but nothing lasts forever and I get cornered and doomed to a splatting.

Evading the Kraken looked like it was going well, and it's disappointing that two of us couldn't splat the inkling at the end, but never mind. A short time left of not losing the Splat Zones, and we get ourselves the victory.

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