Ups and downs in Tower Control (12-10, Blaster)

15th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I enjoy the Tri-slosher and Splatterscope so much I forget that the Blaster can work well in Tower Control. I sometimes remember, though, and tonight I give the Blaster an outing. I use its explosive ink to bag a couple of splats at the start, although ink from above gets me too.

I try to flank, as I always do, but the range of the Blaster catches me out a lot of the time. Not really knowing where the purple inklings are doesn't help either. I know where they are when I return. They're nearly all on the Tower. It would be perfect, but the shields are up! It's a trap!

Each splat lets me ink an arm of our base, which is something. And when my Killer Wail charges as another is let loose, I cut mine across the other, bagging one splat immediately, and another a second later. Nice! I continue my flanking move and surprise a couple of inklings, whilst a squidmate forces one in to the water. It's looking good, particular as more inklings are splatted.

My attempt to ride the Tower goes poorly. That .96 Gal is the bane of my battle, though, as she shows seconds later again. I take an alternative route to keep the high ground, and help save our lead, also making a daring jump on to the Tower to push it back. It doesn't go too far.

My strategy to go around the back of the Tower works better when I manoeuvre better, and flopping against the wall is only saved by resorting to my Killer Wail. I clear the purple inklings, but not in time to save our lead.

My desire to go the long way continues, and it looks like my mojo is gone. I stand and shoot at air, then dash in to purple ink. Never mind, I had a good battle overall.

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