Applying pressure in Rainmaker (8-7, Tri-slosher)

18th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oop, I nearly get too close to the Rainmaker's shield at the start, but I hang back and nick it off the teal team to get an early, but slight lead. They come back immediately, beating my measly metres, and I both show some restraint to get a splat, and impetuosity in running in to one.

I don't think that Splatterscope hit me, but whatever. You have to play with what you've got. I also cheat a splat by being close to the Rainmaker's shield again, and get my own back by splatting those on the other side of it.

I manage to spot the Suction Bomb just in time, and spy the Splatterscope's laser sight pointing at me, popping my Bubbler to give me a slight reprise. Not enough to run in to the Splatling. The Splatling who apparently has eyes in the back of his head, but this is S-Rank battling, I suppose.

I sneak around the back successfully, and although I get the drop on the Splatterscope I fail to see which way she squids, so move on. And as the only reason I get around the back is because the Rainmaker is behind me, I should go backwards. This has an inkling drop in to my lap, which is nice.

I ignore the Rainmaker with intent to cause more trouble. I think I succeed, although had I squidded a bit better I could have got the Splatterscope as well. Super-jumping back causes a bit more trouble, but mostly for my bucket, which somehow doesn't splat the Splatling.

We did enough, though! We come back from behind to get a decent victory, and although my splat total isn't massive, I consider the splats I got to be good.

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