And no one came to the Splat Zones (6-4, Tri-slosher)

20th February 2017 – 7.00 am

I think some people don't rate the Tri-slosher on Moray Towers, but I think it can work well. You definitely need to avoid the watchful eye of chargers, but its ability to slosh down from above, and ink walls effectively makes it viable.

I keep our Splat Zones blue to start with, and try to move across to the other one at a good opportunity. A retreating inkling puts paid to my move, though. Coming back, I take the same route, to check our Splat Zone, and have a mild panic moment as I think there's a green Kraken behind me. It looks blue as I jump down, but I'm pretty sure there was a green one there too.

I make it across to the other side, going the more direct route, and in the ink of a fallen squidmate capture the other Splat Zone. It doesn't give us a score, as our Splat Zone is in green tentacles, but I can keep this one covered in blue in the best I can.

The Squiffer is avoided, the Splat Zone is blue, and I squid up the wall to help me ink turf from a less vulnerable position. This attracts attention, as it should, but I am indeed safer here than in the Splat Zone, and any ink sent my way won't ink the Splat Zone either. But there's a lot of pressure.

I drop down to avoid immediate attention, falling in to trouble. But I do pretty well to come out of it unsplatted, albeit with some green on me. It was good to see a squidmate on this side of the map too, as it feels like I'm alone over here. At least they recapture our Splat Zone. For a little while.

I am undone by a blaster eventually. I can't hide around obstacles from that, sadly. I try to get back to the other Splat Zone again, and manage it briefly, but not being able to keep our own Splat Zone makes it ultimately meaningless anyway.

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