Supporting the Rainmaker (3-3, Tri-slosher)

20th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

The battle switches to Rainmaker! Okay, bucket, we can do this. I like Bluefin Depot and have a good relationship with Mahi-Mahi Resort, both maps that I can skirmish on and around. I even start this battle with a good Disruptor throw, even if I don't get the splat from it.

But even though skirmishing can work well, it can also be a bit selfish and circumstantial. In this battle, I see a squidmate grab the Rainmaker and press forwards, and this seems like an ideal time to have his back.

Well, not so much his back, but keep him protected, which generally means inking a path and splatting inklings out of the way, if you're competent, or getting in the way of their ink, if you're me. I do a bit of both, and give a 'Nice!', hopefully to signify that the way is clear.

I have to super-jump back, but we still have the Rainmaker and he's holding back to stay safe, whilst still making progress when he can. This is good Rainmaker carrying. I press ahead again, causing a bit of Disruption, a bit of a distraction, and hopefully help to clear the path ahead.

One more blast from the Rainmaker, and I watch from beyond the splat as he squids up and on to the podium for a victory dunk. Woomy!

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