All around the Splat Zones again (15-7, Tri-slosher)

24th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Starting the Splat Zones battle with a handful of splats is pretty decent! Squidding in to a Suction Bomb less so, but my minor streak was going to end some time. At least my little skirmish allowed my squidmates to ink the Splat Zones and give us a good lead.

I don't ignore the Splat Zones, though. I like to keep them our colour. But when they are, I feel I can push forwards to control more turf, and to distract the other team. The little dance with one of the green inklings was fun, and although I came out on top, I didn't last long afterwards.

Trying to keep safe for a super-jumping squidmate sees the green inklings capture the Splat Zones and push past, and although I'm in a good position to surprise them from behind, I squid too far and put myself ahead of them. That wasn't good manoeuvring.

I try to recover by heading down the side passage, which the green inklings seem to be ignoring in favour of the main route. At least, they seem to be ignoring it until I go that way. Never mind! I return along the main route and retake our turf, before looking at the Splat Zones, and slightly beyond.

The Splat Zones are ours again, so after a brief dalliance with a wall, I get back to skirmishing. It's not a terribly successful outing, but splatting an Inkstriker is always satisfying, and we get the lead back.

Getting ganged up on isn't much fun, but it happens. And I get my own back, in a way, as super-jumping inklings line up for my Tri-slosher. And as the timer ticks down, I bag a couple more splats just for good luck, as we ease our way to a victory.

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