Bubbling to victory in Tower Control (5-2, Tri-slosher)

25th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

In Tri-slosher versus Slosher, no one wins. But I'm apparently not convinced of this, so give it another go. Okay, I'm convinced. I probably ought to be concentrating more on the Tower too, what with it being dangerously close to our base.

Thankfully, I get my act together and start battling a bit smarter, which includes somehow not getting splatted by a Carbon Roller, and inking the only corner of the Tower not purple so that I can jump back on.

My Bubbler is charged, and even though there doesn't seem to be any obvious need for it just yet, I am often a split-second late with its activation. I err a little on the side of caution, as the first hint of yellow ink has me popping the Special.

With a Bubbler active and squidmates on the Tower, I push forwards. I think the others think that too, stopping the Tower for a moment. But it gets going again, and the way ahead is clear.

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