Seeker magic in Splat Zones (13-11, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th March 2017 – 7.00 pm

Still in S Rank, and I'm sticking with the Carbon Roller Deco, just in case it's this change of weapon that is making me better. Probably not! I still feel like I'm mostly mucking around with it, but I'm having fun, and that's what I'm here for.

Always thank your squidmate who splats a pesky charger. It was with an Inkzooka as well, and it's nice being on the other end of them. Running in to an Inkbrush ain't so good, but that's what you get for rolling a Carbon.

I toy with yet another Killer Wail, as apparently I don't think they're dangerous, and get in to a bit of a scramble with one inkling, before the Brush finds me again. A squidmate finds the Brush, so that's okay.

I aim to cover some turf, which charges my Seeker Rush, which lets me cover more turf. But it's not quite enough to let me get close to the teal team. Well, I get close enough, but I'm not expecting three of them to be there. I don't last long.

We are losing the turf war, which is a bit important in every mode, and probably more so in Splat Zones. With pressure coming all the way up to our base, from the occasional Splat Bomb and an Inkzooka, I fire off a speculative Seeker. It splats someone, nice! I chuck a couple more, just in case, before moving on.

Another friendly Inkzooka takes out a threat, and I can move to the other Splat Zone, where a Seeker Rush helps me spread some ink. Not entirely over the Splat Zone, but I can do that if we get the inklings out of the way. One is splatted when the charger mis-times the Seeker, which pleases me. That Brush, though.

Still, getting back to base lets me Ninja Squid right up to the unsuspecting charger, which has to be my favourite splat of the battle, and I chase another up the ramp. Over and onwards, a third splat goes under my Roller, and I nearly get a fourth as I cover the Splat Zone, but I'm a bit slow.

We have control of the turf now, though, and I continue this by inking beyond. I get another sneaky splat on the charger too, which is excellent, and although splatting the Brush is mutual at least I get the splat.

There are a couple more Seeker splats, one at close range, one from a poorly timed inkling appearance, as we regain control of a Splat Zone to stop extra time for the victory. Woomy!

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