Some misses, some hits, lots of fun in Splat Zones (9-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th March 2017 – 7.00 am

Two Carbon Roller Decos! How can we possibly lose this battle? We can't! Let's just get on with it.

Okay, first splat to the purple Splat-on Roller. Must be luck. And, sure, i don't last long the next time either, but my Seeker lives on long enough to get a splat, and I can't get mad about a dude in a dress.

Sprinkler, Splat-on Roller, and Suction Bomb all conspire to get me next. But we turn the map from purple to teal pretty quickly. Pushing our advantage, I follow a squidmate to the opponents' side of the map. He gets lured by a Beakon, and I find a resting inkling. Nice!

I go back for a second look. A purple inkling is coming from the base, and doesn't seem to see me. I can circle around again and, yes, catch the Brush unawares a second time, before she gets to the platform. Also nice!

The route around the back is a bit risky, but I somehow get all the way around without being spotted, even with purple inklings up on the ledge. More than that, I catch an inkling readying an Inkstrike launch! I don't even mind that the Splattershot catches me afterwards.

Launching a poorly judged Seeker wastes ink, and replenishing my tank takes time. It brings the inklings towards me, and I do quite well as they swarm around, splatting two of them before getting splatted myself. Not a bad trade.

The side route exposes me, but it offers a great path for Seekers, so I keep using it. And I am tempted around the back again, which looks great when I spy another Inkstrike being prepared, but I misgauge my swimming speed and don't make the jump, causing me to miss the inkling completely. Going back again has the inkling aware of a different threat, and I just jump in to purple ink everywhere. So it goes.

A great bit of teamwork at the end recaptures the Splat Zones just in time, and splats the entire purple team over a dozen seconds or so. That gives us just the push we need as the clock counts down to hold the zones for the victory. I just need to dodge the Kraken and Woomy!

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