Messy splatting in Tower Control (10-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

21st March 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm holding my own in S Rank, which makes a nice change. It makes me feel like I'm improving. Maybe the Carbon Roller Deco is helping me out, or trying to learn it is helping improve my battling.

It doesn't seem like a huge improvement in my battling when I find myself surrounded by green ink and two inklings so early in the battle, but it is difficult at the start of a battle. Do you engage and potentially get overwhelmed, or hang back and perhaps not contribute? It's probably the hardest part of the battle to gauge.

Not splatting that Inkzooka after Ninja Squidding to get a clear flick is disappointing. My aim still needs work. At least I survive the Splatling, after accidentally rolling in to it. Squidding up the wall helped avoid some of the ink, and not going relentlessly forwards avoided the rest.

We get control of the Tower, and there follows a wonderful melee of weapons and ink. There are a few misses, but some good manoeuvring means I'm never fully vulnerable whilst opening up new angles. We make a good push, taking a reasonable lead, but one that is surmountable.

The Echolocator hits me, and I make the mistake of pushing forwards in the green ink. It wasn't a smart move, but it feels wrong to sit back and do nothing, even when Echolocated. It would have been better for the team, I think. At least I don't continue to engage the Splatling with its Bubbler active.

As I avoid the Bubbler, I take the opportunity to jump on the stationary Tower. It's actually a good time, it seems, as the Splatling is otherwise occupied, and the other green inklings don't appear to be around. The one that comes is the E-litre 3K, heading for the perch, marking her progress with Burst Bombs. Thanks for that! It makes following her movement and getting the splat much easier.

A quick poke around the side route to get behind the green team shows that I'm not the first to do this. The green team really should have inked over this route, but I'm not complaining. A Seeker lets me squid nicely behind the E-litre 3K, unaware of my advance, and get a really easy splat. Nice!

I have a couple of amusingly poor tussles with the opposition Carbon Roller, which shows that I still have a lot of practice to do, but it doesn't affect the outcome of the battle. Our early lead, matched a little later, stands for the victory.

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