Stealing the glory in Rainmaker (3-3, Tri-slosher)

6th April 2017 – 7.00 am

I rush to the centre of Arowana Mall, as I tend to,but with the intention of sneaking around the back. I am stalled by a similar inkling from the other team, and have a squidmate to thank for my not getting splatted so soon. I don't last too much longer, mind you, but that's par for the course.

I make it up the side route easily the next time, but exercise a little caution in case the Roller is waiting again. I'm sure she likes this route too, judging by the Beakon she's left. But I'm okay, and come out looking to slosh the Rainmaker from above.

I hear the Kraken transformation and take evasive manoeuvres, escaping nicely. I need to move back anyway, as the Rainmaker is going that way. My sloshing is a little weak, but I get my splat in the end, our good lead barely under threat.

Avoiding the Suction Bomb was good, and once again the Rainmaker is deep in purple territory. An Inkzooka discourages me from pursuing it directly, so I take the newly coated side route again, turning it teal once more. But I only go so far, as it's clear the Rainmaker is going in another direction to the middle.

It's a bold leap in to purple ink, but I have my Bubbler ready so it's pretty safe, at least to start with. I retreat when it seems like a good idea, and head around the side again, where two inklings are grouped nice and close together. There's no way I can miss both, right?

I think I do well to avoid the Splatling, but clearly I wasn't paying enough attention to the Kraken just behind me, who transforms back in to the Roller in time to splat me. I return to face the Roller almost head on, and am perhaps a little to cautious in my approach. But I remain unsplatted, and my squidmates are very much in control of the Rainmaker again.

The purple team take the Rainmaker out of bounds to save them some time, which isn't a bad ploy, but with so much turf being our colour it means we grab the Rainmaker again easily, whilst the purple team are trying to regain some turf control. I push a higher still this time, feeling like the knockout victory is close, and ink the podium, but the Roller is ready and waiting.

I super-jump back to the action with impeccable timing. I drop down just as the Rainmaker shield is burst, and manage to grab it and squid on to the podium in one fluid movement. That was the first time I touched the Rainmaker too. But it was my squidmates who made the victory possible. Woomy!

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